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Post by Razius on Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:16 pm

Now I don't presume to tell you how to look things up on wikis n stuff, both FFXIWiki and BGWiki have good overviews and starter guides to help you get aqcuaitned with the basics of VW, however, after helping Helka and Vad clear the Windurst City branch I came to a few conclusions.

Now I did the Windy line with Fors a few weeks back. For the most part it went smoothly, we forced the White lights on all the mobs getting not only the clear tier key item, but also any Periapt (Abyssite) or Atmacite (Atma) the monster may have had. And also boosting the Blue and Red item lights which netted some of us some nice gear in our own private reward chests.

However last night, espech on the last NM, an Iron Clad called Voidwrought, it went a bit arwy. We won, eventually, after 2 failed attempts. I would like to propose why this happened, and how to avoid it.

Simple answer: Tempory items. After doing some research and asking a bunch of questions in tell, it looks like getting temps ASAP is the way to go for a succsessful VW shell. And by the looks of things, not too hard to get most of the required Periapts.

Heres two links, the monster tier flow chart, and the list of Periapts available from VW.


http://wiki.ffxiclopedia.org/wiki/Periapt (has a good list of the "Discernment" periapts which are must buys as and when cruor balance allows, but not 100% essential to start off, as long as some members have them)

To get the earlier temp item periapts, ones that give you temps per fight or on succsessful staggering, are:

Either T1 Sandy (Sarimanok or Cottus)
The T2 Bastok (Lorbulcrud)
Any from the first group of mobs from T1 Zilart (Holy Moly, Neith, or Ildebrann)
Any from the second group of mobs from T1 Zilart (Sabotender Campeador, Malleator Maurok or Tangaroa)

There are other temp item related periapts, but those are from the top tiers of Jueno, Zilart, and Tav lines, and from Provenance itself.

With these basic essentials, I could see a much easier time doing even the city stages, some of which you would wish to repeat for chances ot gear, so imho its worth it. Either via your own means or when PR starts doing the runs I'd recommend getting these periapts first.

On a side note, I asked Vadania if he would be liking to join us when he could, Helka was fine with it, and he has many jobs to offer. As we would be shouting for people anyway to make it up to 18, it would be one less to shout for right? There also potentially other members of Chocobo Kingdom that might be interested.

Also, the amount of weakness staggers in VW is... well... staggering. Heres a full list:


I'd hate to be Blue Mage! lol. Basically, with the discernment, any WS/JA/Spell may give you what the NM is weak too, in order of strength, such as vulnerable, very vulnerable, highly vulnerable etc. So, for example, it could be "v to Black Mage job Abilities!" or "hv staff weapon skills!" and so forth. Spam untill you get it right. Higher the stagger level, the faster the lights, most importantly White, gets boosted. These procs can stun lock the nms also, allowing you to dig in without it eating you.

Thats my thoughts anyway. By all means Chandy and other mods, feel free to edit, move, replace parts of this post, it is not structured in any sence and is just my personal opinions.


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Voidwatch: Things to help you get started! Empty Re: Voidwatch: Things to help you get started!

Post by chandypr on Wed Dec 19, 2012 11:29 am

Thanks for the information Raz Smile
I will open a thread to have our very own VW section to have hints, and general information regarding the event.
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